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ro service center
ro service center
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Our RO Solution Process:

If you have problem in your RO like water taste is hassy or TDS problem call us for technician visit.
If any part of your RO is not working, then our technician puts a new part in it. and Repair Also.
If you want spare parts or AMC plan for 1year or 2years call us, We provide RO warrent include all parts in you RO.
If your RO filter is not working properly or not filtering water, change your RO filter for pure & healthy water. Membrane should be changed every 2 years or if you notice a significant drop in water passing through the RO system.

i Cure Repair & Service

i Cure ro system Service provide FREE home visit and it will take only 199 RO service charge. i Cure is the best RO Repair Service Provider in all india. Our technician was specially trained for Ro Repair. We provide services of domestic and commercial RO. You can call us for service of try or you can book the techniques by filling the form. Our Ro Rapier charge is 199. Our technician is a full trained that make your RO like as New. we are giving you 30 days promise to repair your RO if in case your Ro create problem under 30 days. We are providing service in , Gurgaon & Noida, Uttar Pradesh location. More than 1000 people are happy with our service. Our work is also with normal charge, By checking your water, make your RO correct that make your family healthy.

i Cure RO Repair & RO Installation Service Provider

ro service in india

Ro Repair

We are Providing ro service with a normal rate. Our technician full trained for RO Service.

ro repair in india

Ro Installation

Our Trained Technician Install Your RO where you want.

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Ro Parts Repair

Technician repair your RO parts if possible otherwise add new part in your RO.

ro repair service center
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Get service within 2 hours
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30 Day Service Guarantee
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Upto Rs. 1,000 AMC Plan
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Full Trained Technician


RO purifier requires reliable organization after a specific length. This is crucial for keeping up the idea of water unadulterated and clean. Since the ground water is dirtied, it is essential to drink impeccable and unadulterated water to stay sound. We have an aggregate gathering of talented experts who give you appropriate help. Also, our specialists visit the site for various purposes like supplanting the RO channel et cetera. Give a call now remembering the true objective to engineer the visit of expert for the assurance of the significant number of issues in your RO.

contact ro repair
contact ro repair


RO organizations use the best advancement for guaranteeing that you drink unadulterated, sound water and offers best water disinfecting game plan. Also, we offer AMC outline just to ensure the most ideal help of the RO purifier. These AMC plans are just to make it more accommodating for our customers.


We offer foundation advantage for RO in domain. The most fundamental progress keeping in mind the end goal to ensure the most ideal usage of RO in future is to get the RO machine successfully presented. To use the RO purifier appropriately, you should get it presented by a skilled master. Proficient should be adequately experienced for presenting it properly. Our capable and experienced experts visit your home and present the RO purifier in the right way with a particular ultimate objective to allow you to taste the unadulterated and strong water.

contact ro repair
domestic ro repair

Domestic Ro Service

We are best ro repair service provider in india, We provide domestic RO Service providers for residential or domestic ro systems in India. We are always ready to serve you in best possible manner.

commercial ro repair

Commercial Ro Service

We specialize in commercial, and industrial ro water service & Repair Center all over India. We have a team of expert technicians with over 8 years combined experience working in commercial or industerial ro fields.

Why RO Water Purifier System ?

Ro system is important to live a healthy body because its give you to clean & healthy water. Pure Water is very good for your health, which makes you a healthy person. Your fate and the RO is for you to clean the water, nowadays there is plenty of inaccuracies in water, which is very important to clean your water. An excellent Ro water purifier service is very important to get a continuous supply of the 100 % pure and healthy drinking water. Water is the main cause of the wide range of water-borne disease. Due to increasing level of water pollution, it has become impossible to drink from water sources without further water treatment. Thus, there is a high need of the best Ro water purifier service so that you and your family get the safe drinking water. RO water filter is used to removes both dissolved as well microbial contamination whereas UV water purifier kills all the micro-organism present in the water. There is a new water filter in the market called as RO-UV water purifier which used both RO and UV-rays to treat the impurities present in the water.

RO Water Purifier Maintenance Service:

We are giving you 30 days guarantee to free service if the ro purifier is not working well after my service. Our technician come again and provide you free service. We helps you to maintain your water purifier timely. We provide water purifier maintenance service at an affordable price. We are dealing with all brand of the water treatment filter system maintenance services in whole India. Our service engineers are fully trained and experienced who always deliver you satisfactory RO maintenance services.

RO technology is a completely modern one which produces safe and pure drinking water in a complete natural process without the use of any kind of chemicals. Ro purifiers are used in every sector like for residential used along with commercial and industrial use also. With the passing days, the RO purifier goes through wear and tear and to maintain the higher performance level of the same, it needs to be maintained and repaired in regular interval. The Ro helpline number provides the best assistance from the expert team of technicians who have a thorough knowledge of the complex RO system. We are available 24/7 For installation, Uninstallation, RO Repair, Filter Change operation or repairing of the purifier. Our Ro Installation Charge is Normal 199/- Call Any Time 88823-44490

RO Water Repair Services Call- 88823-44490

We are available in over all India Like , Haryana, rajasthan, , Patna, Mumbai, , Banglore, Thane, Punjab, Maharastra, Tamil Nadu etc. So Call us For Instant RO Service or Repair your RO System. Call 24hrs to Book Your Technician 88823-44490. Your water filtration system runs 24*7 to provide you the pure and healthy water. So sometimes it gets some wear and tear which can affect its productivity and life as well. you will get the solution to this problem. Now you may ask when you should go for RO repair service.

      When your RO system is fully dead
      When there is any leakage in your water purifier
      When odor and color present in your water
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